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January 2021

Date Events
14th Thursday New Year (Centre Closed)
1st Friday Pongal/Sankranti (Harvest Festival of South India and Sri Lanka)
25th Monday Australia Day celebration at Little Stars
26th Tuesday Australia Day Public Holiday (Centre Closed)

February 2021

Date Events
12th Friday Chinese New Year (This is year of OX)
14th Sunday Valentine’s Day

March 2021

Date Events
7th Sunday Clean up Australia Day
8th Monday Valentine’s DClean up Australia Day at Little Stars (children will go to near by park for clean-up)
17th Wednesday Saint Patrick’s Day (Green Dress code)
18th Thursday National Close the Gap Day
21st Sunday Harmony Day
23rd Monday Harmony Day at Little Stars (Orange Dress code)
28th Monday Holi (festival of color)

April 2021

Date Events
1st Thursday Easter celebration at Little Stars
2nd Friday Good Friday Public Holiday (Centre Closed)
3rd Saturday Holy Saturday
4th Sunday Easter Sunday
4th Sunday Daylight Saving Time ends
5th Monday Easter Monday Public Holiday (Centre Closed)
13th Tuesday Ramadan Start (it is period of fasting, charity giving and accountability for muslims
14th Wednesday Vaisakhi/ Pohela Boishakh (It is a spring harvest festival for Sikhs & Hindus/ first day of Bengali Calendar) 
22nd Thursday : Earth Day  
25th Saturday Anzac Day

May 2021

Date Events
7th Friday Mother’s Day Celebration (in Little Stars)
9th Sunday Mother’s Day
12th Wednesday Ramadan Last Day
26th Wednesday National Sorry Day (to remember and commemorate the mistreatment of the continent's indigenous population) 
27th Thursday to 3rd National Reconciliation Week(to celebrate indigenous history and culture in Australia and foster reconciliation discussion and activities)

June 2021

Date Events
1st Tuesday Beginning of winter
14th Monday Queen’s Birthday
5th Saturday World Environment Day
21st Monday International Yoga Day
20th Sunday World refugee Day (20 to 26 june)

July 2021

Date Events
20th Tuesday Crazy Hair Day (gold coin donation is encouraged during the event)
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